Not That Kind of Father . . .

Trick-or-Treating was pretty uneventful. I dug out the kid's wagon and hauled her down the street. We have a nursing home about five blocks from our house. I don't think "nursing home" is the correct term and I know that "old folks' home" is not politically correct, but I assume you know the type of joint to which I am referring. It's the sort of place I've been threatening to put my parents for quite some time, even though they are only in their fifties.

Anyhow, the Harmony Home had a sign inviting trick-or-treaters, so we thought we'd check it out. There was a sign inside the door that read, "Follow the feet if you want a treat!" A followed the orange feet laid out on the carpet as they wound through several rooms. Kindly oldsters handed her a piece of candy as she passed by. The ladies, in particular, exclaimed over her princess gown.

"Her grandma made it," I'd say.
"What's that?"

Then they'd smile and nod.

We passed through a lounge area where the residents were gathered around three round tables. At one of the tables sat a Catholic nun in full habit (no, it wasn't a costume - we have a heavy infiltration of Catholics in these here parts). My daughter walked to a bowl on the table and pulled out an individually-wrapped cherry Twizzler. She waved it in the air. "THIS IS FOR FATHER!" she said loudly and tossed it in her bag, knowing that my husband does love the Twizzlers.

I glanced over at the nun and then said, to no one in particular, "She, um, calls her dad 'father,'" I said. "We have no idea why." I've stopped telling people that it's a phase, seeing as how it's been going on for the better part of a year now.

After that, we headed back down the street to score some more candy. Then P and I switched places. Would you believe that one of our neighbors DID hand out full-size candy bars? And it's no ordinary Hershey bar either. It's a mint chocolate bar from a local chocolatier. It's too good for a three-year-old, don't you think? Work with me here!


Samantha said…
LoL Take the mint chocolate bar. 3 is wayyy to young to appreciate that kind of goodness.

I snatched all the Pez the boys got the minute we loaded back in the car.
Mary said…
LOL!! Being an ex-Catholic I can picture the nun there and what may have run through her head as A exclaimed the Twizzler was for Father!! Too funny, maybe you have had to have been around Catholics alot to think so but I thought so...;) I mean Father Murphy married me, well not me but Rick and I.;)
When my kids did the trick or treat thing believe me, they made out big. They hit every home in Little Chute I think! I was ever so happy to go through their bags and either snatch what I wanted or every so politely ask them, it depended how old they were.;)
Susie said…
Hilarious! Chances are the nun didn't hear her, even though she was speaking loudly, but if she did, then hey--it's not wrong for a priest to have a Twizzler!

And yes, local "boutique" chocolate is wayyyyy too much for a 3 year old. That one was meant for YOU!
Jen J said…
The Hershey's Bar seems like an appropriate "Candy Tax" for A to have to pay! HEHE!

Oh! And I'm totally laughing at the nun story! Too funny!

BTW~ I have just bestowed an award on you!

Anonymous said…
Seroogy's bars are for adults only. Sorry, A! You can have them when you are old enough to drive there and buy your own.

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