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Sisters in Ink

For some time now, I've been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo in honor of my two sisters. Having sisters has always been one of the very best things about my life. I also got very lucky in that department because they are both kind, creative, funny, and smart. Beautiful, too!   I struggled to land on a design idea that fit my personal aesthetic. Finally, fish sprang to mind so I pursued that idea. I placed an ad on Fiverr and connected with a great artist who understood what I was trying to do. She was fabulous to work with.  Now, I know some of my friends and relatives will shine a frowny face in my direction, not because they disapprove of tattoos but rather because I got one during a pandemic. I can assure one and all that extremely strict protocols were followed and that it was no different than a doctor's appointment - in my mind, anyway. Getting my new tattoo was considerably less, um, invasive than my recent visit to my gynecologist.  So, here 'tis. The fishi

Rx: Toes in sand, stat

I want to start this little blog post by saying how truly humbled I was by the support I received after my last post . I feel like my spirit has been buoyed by those around me, and I have been particularly grateful for my faith community. My friend Annette (a fellow Unitarian Universalist) sent me a wonderful letter in the mail (a real live letter!) She closed it by saying: "Just hold on to the love that all of us feel for you. We will hold you up until you are ready to stand on your own." Wow wow wow.  It's not easy to admit that your mental health has been in shambles, but I've felt nothing but support from friends and family alike. I'm feeling sturdier every day.  Gaston ("My, what a guy, that Gaston!") is around four months old now. He's an absolute lunatic who is determined to use up most of his nine lives before his first birthday. The little dude is fearless. He'll jump into a kitchen sink full of knives and then climb the nearest window