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Middle School Orientation

This can't be right. My daughter starts middle school in September?  I am pretty sure that I just dropped this kid off at 4K the other day: And now I have this: Her dad and I took her to middle school orientation last night. In our district, middle school is 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. I have been careful not to tell my daughter how much I hated middle school, because I want her to have a positive experience. It is going to be a HUGE change for her.  Here is the part that scares me the most: She'll be in class a full hour and a half earlier than she is now. As I might have mentioned once or six thousand times, she is not a morning person. The three-minutes-between-classes thing scares me, too. I'm worried that by the end of the first year, I'll be able to wallpaper our living room in tardy slips. As part of the orientation, all of the 5th graders and parents were ushered into the auditorium to get a rundown from one of the guidance counselors. She explained

None of this makes any sense

Last night I had a dream that I accidentally bought four sheep.  They were tiny, so . . . lambs, I guess?  I remember being relieved that they were petite enough to fit in dog crates. I didn't want my husband to know what I had done, so I put the lambs in the basement, each in a separate crate.  I lined them up next to the washer and dryer. My husband has not done his own laundry since the early 90s, so there was no chance he'd go down there and find them. I thought all of the lambs were girls and then I discovered that one of them was a boy. I was very worried about them making more lambs. In the dream, I was quite distraught.  You have no idea how relieved I was when I woke up to find I was sheepless.  So traumatic. I guess this dream was better than the recurring dreams I have about being terminally ill.  Those are scary. I think my sub-conscious has some serious issues. I'm sorry to say that my sheep dream is the most exciting thing I have to report. My days consist

I'm looking over a four-leaf Grover . . .

That's just one of the nonsensical songs I sing to my puppy. I also sing, "He's a goofy Grover, yeah!" which will only make sense to you if you have wasted invested some portion of your life watching Spongebob Squarepants.  My favorite part was when she couldn't pry the treat out of the pocket in her skinny jeans. Grover had his first obedience class on Monday night. This initial class is mostly about socialization with some beginning obedience stuff added, too.  The instructor is a friend of mine. There were a lot of pups there for the first class - including another Boxer. I'd just had a cortisone shot in my foot (yes, the plantar fasciitis saga continues), so I decided to let A do the training, at least for this class. My doctor wants me to take it easy for two weeks, which feels just about impossible. Anywho . . . the kid was beyond excited to get onto the training floor and get started, but there was a question and answer period first.  I can tell