None of this makes any sense

Last night I had a dream that I accidentally bought four sheep.  They were tiny, so . . . lambs, I guess?  I remember being relieved that they were petite enough to fit in dog crates. I didn't want my husband to know what I had done, so I put the lambs in the basement, each in a separate crate.  I lined them up next to the washer and dryer. My husband has not done his own laundry since the early 90s, so there was no chance he'd go down there and find them. I thought all of the lambs were girls and then I discovered that one of them was a boy. I was very worried about them making more lambs. In the dream, I was quite distraught.  You have no idea how relieved I was when I woke up to find I was sheepless.  So traumatic.

I guess this dream was better than the recurring dreams I have about being terminally ill.  Those are scary. I think my sub-conscious has some serious issues.

I'm sorry to say that my sheep dream is the most exciting thing I have to report. My days consist of working, doing laundry, signing homework logs, and chasing a puppy. The kid and I took Grover to class on Monday night. The instructor noted that Grover doesn't seem to know his name all that well. "Oh," I said. "Well, there is a slight possibility that he thinks his name is Goddammit."  We're going to work on the name recognition thing, though.  We also took him to puppy playtime last Saturday. The kid had a friend over for a sleepover, and I was not convinced that either one of them would be ready to go at 8:10 in the morning. Sure enough, I drove across town with a car full of dirty teeth and uncombed hair.

Puppy playtime is pure chaos, but Tina (the instructor, who is also a friend) keeps a close eye on the pups and watches their body language closely. Grover was repeatedly pinned by a slightly older female Boxer. I mean, she was just gunning for him. I took him to puppy playtime to build up his confidence (he is a bit shy), not for him to get his ass kicked. I felt kind of bad for her owners because their puppy needs the socialization just like mine does. The difference is that she's a bit bossy for that environment.  They ended up leaving early.  Grover did make some other friends, though.  He also climbed a little plastic obstacle that made him feel like he was hot shit after that.

Last weekend was just beautiful, weather-wise. After puppy playtime we stopped at a bakery to order the kid's birthday cake. She's just two weeks from the big 1-1. Inconceivable!  Later in the afternoon, I took the girls to a park.  I figured they'd play there all afternoon but after 15 minutes they announced that the were "too hot" and wanted to leave. It was all of 65 degrees outside.  Kids these days, I tell you.

Speaking of hot, I am really looking forward to summer. My middle sister and my nieces are visiting next month. Blondie is touring colleges. I am hoping she will choose a school near me, though I confess it does seem unlikely. In June, after school lets out, the kid is flying out to DC to hang out with her aunt and the gang. Her dad and I will follow along a week later. I can't say that we are too sad about the fact that she won't be joining us on the 16-hour drive. (If she can manage to complain that a perfect spring day is "too hot," you don't even want to hear the litany of complaints she can dole out on a long car trip.) We are going to take a little detour to Pittsburgh this year. Neither of us have ever been there. Mr. M wants to go to some geek shop that's supposed to be a mecca for his people. I will find something to do while he is in worship. We're also thinking of another side trip to Harper's Ferry. We haven't been there in a while. We're planning to spend four days at my sister's house and then four days at the beach where my dad and stepmom live. Then, of course, we have the excruciatingly long drive back home. I'll try not to think about that part right now, though.  In August, we plan to do the cabin-by-the-lake thing as usual.

As for the kid, we're not putting her in daycare this summer. She is much too cool for such things. I do have her signed up for some week-long camps, though. The local humane society has one. She also has choir camp and Girl Scout camp (with a friend of hers - that one's an overnight camp). I'm not sure why I'm blathering on about our summer plans, but there they are.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my puppy is very quiet and nothing good ever comes out of a quiet puppy.

This my free spirited girl, dancing at a drum circle at our church.


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