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The one where my worst fear came true and I tried to fix it with a kitten

My daughter got her hair cut last week. The appointment was supposed to be for my hair but I gave the time slot to her. Mindy, our kind and beautiful stylist, cut off about 5 inches. My daughter's hair is thick and curly and amazing. When she asks me to pull her hair into a ponytail, it's all I can do to get the elastic around those combative curls. When I twirled her hair into an updo for her recent prom adventure , I actually broke a sweat from the sheer force it took to get all of those bobby pins in place. Later that day, after her haircut, my daughter said, "I like my hair a little shorter like this. I feel like it makes me look a little older and more mature." I must have hesitated for the briefest of seconds. The corners of her mouth turn slightly downward. "You don't like it," she said. "Oh!" I quickly responded. "No, I love it! Your hair looks beautiful." I had hesitated because the first thought that popped into my m