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Mother-Daughter Book Club

For several years now, I've been trying to interest my daughter in books that *I* like. I've had no luck so far.  I was so sure she'd fall in love with: The Phantom Tollbooth From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler Charlotte's Web Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself Alas, she did not. We typically go to the library once a month. Last time, I encouraged her to check out Anne of Green Gables and A Wrinkle in Time. I loved  A Wrinkle in Time when I was a kid. She hasn't even opened it and it's due tomorrow. She is required to read 20 minutes a day for school. Despite testing at an 8th grade reading level (she's in 5th grade), she is not what you'd call a voracious reader. Usually, the only way to get her to do the reading is to put her iPad on top of the refrigerator. Then she stomps off to her room and does her reading. As for the books she chooses, it's usually tween-y type stuff. That's fine. I mean, I know I should be glad

Day 10

Today was the tenth day of my big challenge. No alcohol, no sweets. I probably should have given myself some ground rules on the sweets. Should that include gum? The occasional vegan waffle? I decided to just try to cut out everything that seems like a treat. I am getting bored with my breakfast options so I did eat cereal yesterday (Quaker Oat Squares). I'm not sure if that's cheating or not. It's my game, so let's go with not. I have wondered why I am doing this to myself. It's not a Lent thing (UUs don't really go that route). I'm not an alcoholic. While I'm certainly overweight, I'm not morbidly obese.  I think it's really just a matter of wanting to get a handle on my demons. I eat cookies because I like them (and they make me happy, if only temporarily). I drink wine because I like it and because it dulls my anxiety. A couple of people have asked me what I miss more, the sweets or the adult beverages. It's hard to say. The alcohol,

New Toy

My beloved got me a FitBit for my birthday. Specifically, it's the FitBit Charge HR. It's a wondrous thing. It told me that last night I woke up twice and was restless eight times. My husband looked at me like I was bonkers when I told him that but truly, I remember waking up twice and tossing/turning a lot. I'm a shitty sleeper. My body can't even be bothered to sleep and breathe correctly (thanks, asthma!) I'm supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day. Yesterday I managed just over 5,000. And that was with a grocery shopping trip included. I can see how this will be a lot easier in the summertime when I can walk dogs and whatnot. ****************** I wrote that over a week ago. Today I hit 10,000 steps. Woo hoo! My reward? The FitBit vibrates for a half-second. Yeah, buddy! I have a desk job, so the goal is definitely a challenge. This morning, I got up early and hit the gym first thing. This evening, the kid and I took our foster dog for a longish walk. I hit 10,0

Birthday Trip

I am sure some people found it odd that I took a solo trip for my birthday this year. I already took my kid out of school for a week to go to Oklahoma so I thought it was best for her not to miss more school. So, I flew to DC by myself. My family can live without me for a few days. Plus, while it is true that I am a wife and mother, I am also a sister, an aunt, a sister-in-law, and a granddaughter. And finally, I'm old and can do what I want. I arrived in DC on Friday the 12th. My sister picked me up at the airport and had the two youngest kids in the back of her car, but they were sleeping soundly.  When we arrived at my sister's house, I carried my nephew to bed and then got a tour of the new digs. My sister and brother-in-law moved into a new house just a few months ago. It's huge - not because they are flashy people but because they have four kids. I was staying on the second floor in what will eventually be the baby's room. I decided to take a few minutes and put

The Challenge

That guy I married - he thinks he knows me so well. I keep a family calendar on the refrigerator to list doctors' appointments, when I'm going to the grocery store, etc. A few days ago, my husband stopped in front of the calendar and tapped his finger on Sunday the 7th of February. "Hey, why does it say 'Super Bowl Party?'" he asked. "Because I am going to a Super Bowl party," I responded. "At church." He laughed longer and louder than was necessary. Okay, he's got me there. I care very little about football and in fact had to ask him who was playing.  I honestly did go to the party, though! He couldn't attend because he was working. About a dozen people gathered at church to eat snacks and watch the game. I brought my semi-famous vegan chocolate chip cookies. I brought the leftover cookies to work this morning because I had already eaten enough of them to make myself sick. I am not kidding. I felt like my stomach was actually a

Just like riding a bike

I took my foster dog, Agent, to an obedience class on Wednesday. The rescue for which I'm fostering him holds classes every week at a local high school. I hadn't done any formal training in several years. I was amazed at how quickly it all came back to me. Heel. About Turn. Left About. Halt . It was like hearing an old song and still knowing all the lyrics. I had a great time. As for Agent, I'm not sure how much fun he had. He definitely has not had any formal training. He's such a goofball. He stole one of my snow boots out of my closet last night. I was told he is around seven but if he is seven, I will eat my keyboard. Anyway, we'll be at class again this Wednesday. I'm excited to get back into training when we get our pup in the spring. Of course, taking a Boxer to class is an adventure in itself. In Wednesday's class, there was a one-year-old Boxer in attendance. He was being trained by his young owner (high school age, I think). While the other dogs we

Dogs and Snakes and Stuff

The kid and I volunteered at a huge pet expo on Saturday. She helped out in the reptile education area while I hung out in the German Shepherd rescue booth. I am sure I was not very helpful. I'm not what you'd call a stellar salesperson. I did manage to sell a few doggie bandanas, but only because people thrust money into my hand and basically insisted that I give them a bandana in exchange. I tried not to get into too much trouble when it came to shopping at some of the other vendor booths. I bought some dog treats for Gretchen and Agent (my foster dog). I also bought a tee shirt to support the K9 program through one of the local police departments. Oh, and I bought a $700 pretzel when my kid wanted a snack. She and I actually drove down the night before and got a hotel room. The expo was held a couple hours away from our house. I knew the kid would want to go swimming, so that's what we did. Well, she swam while I drank Merlot out of a plastic cup because your no-glas