The Challenge

That guy I married - he thinks he knows me so well. I keep a family calendar on the refrigerator to list doctors' appointments, when I'm going to the grocery store, etc. A few days ago, my husband stopped in front of the calendar and tapped his finger on Sunday the 7th of February. "Hey, why does it say 'Super Bowl Party?'" he asked.

"Because I am going to a Super Bowl party," I responded. "At church."

He laughed longer and louder than was necessary. Okay, he's got me there. I care very little about football and in fact had to ask him who was playing.  I honestly did go to the party, though! He couldn't attend because he was working. About a dozen people gathered at church to eat snacks and watch the game. I brought my semi-famous vegan chocolate chip cookies. I brought the leftover cookies to work this morning because I had already eaten enough of them to make myself sick. I am not kidding. I felt like my stomach was actually a bit distended when I went to sleep last night.

Speaking of my semi-famous chocolate chip cookies, I have issued a challenge to myself. Starting on February 16th, I'm going to give up sweets and alcohol for 30 days. When I told my other half, he laughed almost as hard as he did when he found out I was attending a Super Bowl party. "Um, maybe you should just choose one or the other but not both," he said. Hmph! The more he thinks I can't do it, the more determined I am to prove him wrong.  He does know me pretty well, though (he's had almost 24 years to study the phenomenon known as Claudia). 

I chose the 16th because my birthday is on the 14th and, I mean, there may be some indulgences that day. Anyway, wish me luck. There is going to be some serious I-told-you-so action at my house after the month is up. We'll just have to wait and see who is saying it. 


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