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Spare parts, forcibly removed

Ordinarily, my husband is not the world's most attentive guy. He doesn't notice if I get my hair cut or buy a new sweater. I tell him what I'm making for dinner and five minutes later he asks me what I'm making for dinner. Last Tuesday, however, he did listen. We had an ice storm and school was canceled. I worked from home. Ever since I had two car accidents in one day back in December, I get a little squirrely about icy conditions. Since my daughter was home, I suggested that she make herself useful and make me some lunch. I handed her a recipe for chickpea salad. She loves chopping stuff and this recipe calls for chopped celery. I started feeling not-so-great at around 3 or 3:30 that afternoon. I called my husband and suggested that he pick up dinner for the two of them since I didn't think I felt up to cooking. I told him that he'd also need to take the kid to her haircut appointment at 5:45. I worked until about 4:30 and then climbed into bed. For the ne

I dreamed a dream of days (in cars) gone by

I haven't written in a while, as my reader may have noticed. For the past few months, our lives have mainly revolved around our daughter's budding theater career. She was cast as Brigitta Von Trapp in her middle school's production of the Sound of Music. Those performances were held a couple weeks ago. I have to give the directors a ton of credit for their savvy casting. A wanted to play Liesl but Brigitta turned out to be the perfect part for her.  Brigitta is sassy and honest and gets all the best lines. The kids worked very hard and did an amazing job. Meanwhile, she was also cast as young Eponine in the high school's production of Les Miserables. The high school (which she will attend starting in the fall of 2019) is about a mile from the middle school. They ended up adding on to her part, so she also plays a member of Gavroche's gang and shows up at the barricade scene as well (a generic orphan? I'm not 100% sure). She sings in the chorus on a couple o