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Taking back what was lost

COVID-19 has taken so much from so many. I don't even know how to articulate that without it sounding like a massive understatement. On a global scale, the virus is cutting a catastrophic swath, of course. On a smaller scale, it leaves countless disappointments in its wake. Sometimes I think about some of the major historical events of my lifetime: the Challenger explosion, the fall of the Berlin wall, the attempted assassination of President Reagan, 9/11, and so many others. COVID-19 seems to eclipse them all, and I can only hope that the future holds nothing worse. I am sure it will always loom large for the younger generations. As far as disappointments go, I think I felt the most sympathy for the Class of 2020. I mean, you can say it's no big deal and that they won't dwell on what they lost, but I'm not so sure. I remember being a senior. After all those years of hard work, I was rewarded with a senior locker (at my high school the upperclassmen got bigger lockers