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Great $%&#ing Weekend

Winter returned over the weekend, so we didn't do much. I painted one of our bathrooms on Saturday. I thought that my other half would spend quality time with his child while I painted, but instead left her to watch Noggin while he attempted to watch the NFL draft and play online poker simultaneously. We had a friendly conversation about that later in the evening after the kid went to bed. On Saturday we had A's three-year photos taken. It went pretty well. I attempted to change her clothes and re-style her hair halfway through, but I mucked up her hair somehow. Curly hair can go from adorable ringlets to crazy poufy cotton candy in a matter of seconds. We did purchase some good shots from the first half of the photo session. She has a ding on her forehead in all of the shots. ("How did you get this owie?" "I don't know.") I did select an outfit that covered up the bruises on her legs. She also has a fairly nasty scrape on one calf, which happened at day

Just in case the minivan wasn't enough of a clue . . .

I purchased this item last week: Oh yes, I sure did. I now own a cupcake caddy. Say it loud and say it proud. The kid and I will be making cupcakes for her to take to daycare for her birthday next week, so I figured this would be the safest way to send them. Plus, I'm sure this will be the first of a thousand times I will need to bake cupcakes for one event or another. My mom warned me that most such requests will be submitted to me, by my daughter, at 9:30 p.m., the night before said cupcakes are needed.

Tap and Ballet and All That Jazz

The kid has her first dance class tonight. She is mucho excited about wearing her tap and ballet shoes. She pronounces "ballet" like this: buh-lay, with the accent on the second syllable. No doubt that's how the dancers at the Bolshoi pronounce it, too. No amount of correcting her seemed to work, so we just let it go. She says a lot of things that are almost right, so you pick your battles, eh? The other night she told me she was a "little bit very hungry." When she wants to watch something on TV that is different from what she is already watching, she says, "I wanna watch something more else." Again, not exactly right, but not so incorrect that I don't know what she means. Now, I don't know how this dance class stuff is going to play out. My daughter has been walking for nearly two years but still sometimes falls down for no particular reason. She likes to run in one direction with her head turned in another, which always leads to yet another


I got a new foster dog today. Chloe is a one-year-old deaf Boxer girl. She has the dirtiest ears I've seen in eight years of fostering, but seems to be in good shape otherwise. She's a sweet little kissy girl. In this photo you can tell that she is very tired. White Boxers tend to turn pink around the eyes, ears, and mouth when they get tired. Just this morning she was still in a shelter so it's been a long day for her. Explaining to the kid that Chloe's ears don't work is proving to be a challenge. (Chloe came from a home with small children, so I knew she would be safe to foster.) Oh, and the reason for surrender? Well, the former owners didn't have a fenced yard and Chloe ignored the shock collar they put on her. So, all she needs is a fenced yard, a little love, and another dog to play with. She and Giddy have been playing all day. I think he is in loooooove .

Birth Story

Dear Baby Girl, I've been saying for some time now that I would write down your birth story. I still remember every moment like it just happened, but no doubt my memory will become less sharp over time. You were due on April 26, 2005. We first met your birthmother, J, in early February, which meant that we only had three months to prepare for your arrival. There was quite a flurry of painting and shopping and planning. During those three months, I talked with J regularly, and we had a couple of lunch dates. I got to know her and her son, who was four years old at that time. Your dad and I were so excited - we could not wait to meet you! April 26th came and went. J and I stayed in touch regularly. She had been one centimeter dilated for quite some time and wasn't progressing beyond that. Her doctor decided that he would admit her to the hospital and induce labor on Tuesday, May 3rd. We asked J if it would be okay if your dad and I went to the hospital that day and she said that

Report from Headquarters

The birthday preparations are well underway. Don’t you like how I act like it is a national holiday or something? Yesterday I hopped on Priceline to book a hotel for our big weekend away. I bid a little higher than normal and asked for a three-star room, in hopes of snagging a reservation at a joint that has a pool. I’ve used Priceline a lot and it’s a hit-or-miss affair. Last time we used it, we ended up with a beautiful suite, access to a pool, and a free breakfast – all for around $55.00. I put in my bid and then voila – I have a room at a Hilton. So, I dig up the website for that location. It turns out that we get to pay an additional $22.00 for parking. Sa-weet! Then I click around some more and find that the hotel has a full-blown water park inside. And everyone is welcome . . . if they have purchased a water park package. Well, there is no way I am going to explain to a three-year-old that there is a water park in the same building but that we can’t go because we don’t have the

For the record, I did NOT fart in church

Yesterday at church I was attempting to listen to the morning's announcements while the kid bounced around on my lap, seemingly oblivious to the fact that we were in church. She ate fruit snacks (rejecting a "tainted" one that had two colors swirled together and spitting it into my hand), flipped through the hymnal, and flirted with a man who was sitting behind us. At one point she leaned in, hugged me around the neck, and then said, "Mama, you farted!" Please believe me when I say that I was not, in fact, guilty of this particular offense. If I had been, I would've admitted it. "I didn't fart. Now, shhhh while the lady is talking, okay?" "But you farted!" It was a little louder this time. I swiveled my head around to look at the churchgoers in the nearby rows. I smiled as if to say, "Farting in church! Ha ha! Who would do that , eh? This kid - such a card!" I hissed at her through my teeth, "Okay, yes, fine. Now just s

"Keep My Baby Off the Pole!"

It's a blah day here - it's been snowing all day and it's just beyond depressing. It is mid-April, right? Seriously, we are losing the will to live. I dragged myself out in the snow to catch my Weight Watchers meeting this morning. I did lose several pounds this week but it's nothing to brag about - I am still 7 pounds over my goal weight, which means that I'm losing weight that I've already lost before. Today we had tickets for a shindig called "The Big Event for Little Kids." We wanted to get there early, because it gets insanely crowded - every snot-nosed kid in town attends this thing. But, we didn't get there nearly as early as we wanted, because the wee lass was still in bed when I got home from my meeting. As usual, she stayed up far too late last night. I just can't figure out how I ended up with such a little night owl. I'm one of those obnoxious "early-to-bed-early-to-rise" types. Plus, I have copious amounts of energy

Ever Closer

My baby girl will be three years old in just a few short weeks. She is smart, she is beautiful, and as she grows bigger . . . so does her awareness of the world around her. Soon we will need to have the big "adoption discussion" with her. Now, please know that we always speak openly about the fact that she is adopted. It's nothing that we're trying to hide. But she does not yet understand the mechanics of babies and wombs and how it all works. Her daycare teacher is pregnant, so in a way her pregnancy may help aid in these discussions. In order for A to understand that she didn't develop in my stupid faulty uterus, she first needs to understand that she did develop in some body's. So as her daycare teacher continues to expand, I know A will have questions and maybe things will actually unfold in a way that is natural and comfortable and not at all awkward. Hey, a girl can dream. We have been building up to this in a gradual way. At night I sometimes lie in bed

Just like Meemaw

The kid went off to daycare in her "big girl" undies this morning, which was pretty exciting. Aside from that Target debacle last week, she hasn't had any other accidents. My main motivation, if I'm being honest here, is that Pull-ups are expensive. And I am cheap. I could buy a nice bottle of wine for what I pay for a small pack of Pull-ups. I think we will continue using them at night, but I can't see any reason why she needs them during the day. Now that I've typed that sentence, no doubt the daycare will call momentarily to let me know that my child is awash in her own fluids and that I must pick her up immediately. Last night I was scheduled to participate in a board meeting via conference call (I sit on the board of the American Boxer Rescue Association, which is just as glamorous as it sounds). I hooked the kid up with a movie and some popcorn in hopes that she would keep it to a dull roar while I was on the phone. She sang, she demanded more juice, and

Not that there's anything wrong with that - part 2

Giddy just wanted to show off his gay pride collar (a friend of mine made the collar - she is crafty that way).

Something about Nothing

The long work week is, mercifully, almost over. I'm feeling better and that's always a good thing when the weekend rolls around. It's Friday! Date night number 1! Oh . . . wait. I've got a kid. And I've been "dating" the same guy for almost 16 years. Damn. I am trying to decide if I have the gumption to go to Weight Watchers in the morning. I've had a good week as far as eating goes, but I don't think it is enough to make up for prior sins. I'll let you know if I figure out a way to lose 10 pounds over the next 18 hours or so. On to some randomness: 1. A few months ago I blogged about A's birthmother and my distress over not having contact with her. I did summon the courage to call her a couple weeks ago. She wasn't home (or didn't answer), so I left a voicemail. I apologized for calling and told her that I would be happy to send pictures and updates if she, in turn, would send me her new address (I know that she has moved and yes,