Great $%&#ing Weekend

Winter returned over the weekend, so we didn't do much. I painted one of our bathrooms on Saturday. I thought that my other half would spend quality time with his child while I painted, but instead left her to watch Noggin while he attempted to watch the NFL draft and play online poker simultaneously. We had a friendly conversation about that later in the evening after the kid went to bed.

On Saturday we had A's three-year photos taken. It went pretty well. I attempted to change her clothes and re-style her hair halfway through, but I mucked up her hair somehow. Curly hair can go from adorable ringlets to crazy poufy cotton candy in a matter of seconds. We did purchase some good shots from the first half of the photo session. She has a ding on her forehead in all of the shots. ("How did you get this owie?" "I don't know.") I did select an outfit that covered up the bruises on her legs. She also has a fairly nasty scrape on one calf, which happened at daycare. I asked her how it happened and got a long story about a swing and how her friend never lets her take a turn and on and on. Such is life, I guess.

This weekend the kid:
  • Said her first cuss word. Tres adorable, ne c'est pas? I called my mom to tell her about it and to inform her that it is actually her fault. She's been known to cuss (she claims my dad cusses, too, but I maintain that she's the one with the potty mouth). So then she passed this dubious legacy to me and I passed it to my daughter. Do I kiss my mother with that mouth? You bet I do. My mother says that she got it from her parents. So essentially my daughter can blame her little vice on people who died decades before she was born. I do need to be more careful, though. I don't cuss at her, of course, but when you find a pile of dog poop on the carpet, it's really hard to limit your response to, "Well, darn!" "%$(&#%$!" is much more satisfying.
  • Poured hot wax on her pajamas, the carpet, and my dresser. I had blown out a lit pillar candle and didn't think anything of it. As soon as I stepped out of the room, I guess she hopped on her blue chair and investigated. If anyone has any tips for getting copious amounts of wax out of the carpeting, I'm all ears.
  • Cheated at Candyland. We were playing the game yesterday when suddenly she pushed her little pawn about a hundred spaces ahead, reached King Kandy's Castle, and proclaimed herself the winner. Also, when we play she always gets to be Princess Frostine and I get stuck being Mr. Mint. (We have the Deluxe edition of Candyland where the playing pieces are 3D characters and not just cardboard cut-outs. Cuz that's how we roll.) Mr. Mint is tall and skinny and falls over a lot. I kept forgetting where I was supposed to be because I was always face-down on the Gumdrop Pass.
  • Ate a chocolate sundae at DQ. It took an eternity because after every bite, she rubbed her belly and proclaimed the ice cream to be "deeeeeeee-licious." Seriously, three Christmases passed while she was exclaiming over her dessert.

That's all the news from here. Get out there and make it a great %$#&ing week!


Anonymous said…
Okay, what was the word? Are we talking future sailor? Apparently I tend to yell a bit at fellow travelers when driving, so Josh's first one was a dozer that ends with the word idiot, We had to make a swear jar for a while to clean up my potty mouth and it can still get pretty bad on days I haven't had enough sleep. Hope your week gets better.
Jen J said…

I used to sell candles (not sure if I'm "allowed" to mention the company since this wasn't really supposed to be official advice, but it was passed along by LOTS of other candle sellers and it WORKS).

What works well for candle wax on the carpet is to heat an iron on low and put a layer or two (although I always used three so I didn't get candle wax on my iron) of brown paper bag paper on top of the stain (completely cover the stain and leave extra around the edges). Then iron the paper. The heat from the iron will pull out the candle wax and the paper will absorb it. Just don't leave the iron in one place too long or you'll melt carpet fibers and have a completely different problem.

If it's confusing e-mail me and I'll try to explain it better.

Good luck!

Jennifer J (from BBC)

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