"Keep My Baby Off the Pole!"

It's a blah day here - it's been snowing all day and it's just beyond depressing. It is mid-April, right? Seriously, we are losing the will to live.

I dragged myself out in the snow to catch my Weight Watchers meeting this morning. I did lose several pounds this week but it's nothing to brag about - I am still 7 pounds over my goal weight, which means that I'm losing weight that I've already lost before.

Today we had tickets for a shindig called "The Big Event for Little Kids." We wanted to get there early, because it gets insanely crowded - every snot-nosed kid in town attends this thing. But, we didn't get there nearly as early as we wanted, because the wee lass was still in bed when I got home from my meeting. As usual, she stayed up far too late last night. I just can't figure out how I ended up with such a little night owl. I'm one of those obnoxious "early-to-bed-early-to-rise" types. Plus, I have copious amounts of energy when I get up and have been known to steam clean the carpets before 6 a.m.

I always find myself wondering what sort of career my daughter will have . . . the type of career that will allow her to get up at the crack of noon. And then I think, oh no . . . not that type of "career." I always think of Chris Rock's routine about keeping your daughter "off the pole."

I haven't given up on the idea of my kid becoming rich and famous and buying me a house in the Carolinas, though. I'll just wait patiently while she finds her niche.

Here are a couple of photos from the chaos. We left with a bag full of free crap that she won while participating in various activities (like an obstacle course that she insisted on running in reverse order, several times, until we physically removed her). She also participated in multiple craft projects, all of which seemed to involve glitter. There was a small petting zoo, and leave it to my child . . . she only took notice of whether or not the animals had pooped in their pens.

Edited to add: After posting this entry, we went out to dinner. It turned out to be prom night for some of the local high schools. We were seated right next to a group of 16 or so prom-goers. A gasped when she saw a brunette girl dressed in yellow. "It's Belle!" she yelled. She then proceeded to assign a Disney princess personna to every girl in the group. Meanwhile, she spilled her milk (and just about everything else she attempted to consume) on herself. We decided to walk on the wild side and order her a cupcake for dessert. She jabbed a fork into the cupcake and somehow flung a huge wad of chocolate back on herself. She jumped up and down in our booth, sang, and tossed silverware around. If nothing else, I'm guessing that those fancy young couples might think twice about having unprotected sex tonight . . .


The Rose Queen said…
Hijacker here! No not really but I am an uninvited guest. I am internet friends with your sister and I miss chatting with her. So I thought I'd come and check out your blog (via Audrey's blog) and leave a message. Your little girl is beautiful!! I have a (OH NO SHE IS) 4 yr old along with an older and younger daughter. My hubby and I have always joked about one of our girls on the pole, he brings up Chris Rock too. I have 3 girls to try to keep off. We were out once with our then 3yr old when she saw some prom girls and screamed "PRincesses" They were beautiful and I wanted them to know that she thought they were princesses, I bet it made them feel good. Please tell Audrey to give me a call if she can't type, thanks.

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