I got a new foster dog today. Chloe is a one-year-old deaf Boxer girl. She has the dirtiest ears I've seen in eight years of fostering, but seems to be in good shape otherwise. She's a sweet little kissy girl. In this photo you can tell that she is very tired. White Boxers tend to turn pink around the eyes, ears, and mouth when they get tired. Just this morning she was still in a shelter so it's been a long day for her. Explaining to the kid that Chloe's ears don't work is proving to be a challenge. (Chloe came from a home with small children, so I knew she would be safe to foster.) Oh, and the reason for surrender? Well, the former owners didn't have a fenced yard and Chloe ignored the shock collar they put on her.

So, all she needs is a fenced yard, a little love, and another dog to play with. She and Giddy have been playing all day. I think he is in loooooove.


Mary said…
Awwww..... what a sweet doll baby!!! I'm so glad you got her out of the shelter, seeding big smooches to her!!

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