Just like Meemaw

The kid went off to daycare in her "big girl" undies this morning, which was pretty exciting. Aside from that Target debacle last week, she hasn't had any other accidents. My main motivation, if I'm being honest here, is that Pull-ups are expensive. And I am cheap. I could buy a nice bottle of wine for what I pay for a small pack of Pull-ups. I think we will continue using them at night, but I can't see any reason why she needs them during the day. Now that I've typed that sentence, no doubt the daycare will call momentarily to let me know that my child is awash in her own fluids and that I must pick her up immediately.

Last night I was scheduled to participate in a board meeting via conference call (I sit on the board of the American Boxer Rescue Association, which is just as glamorous as it sounds). I hooked the kid up with a movie and some popcorn in hopes that she would keep it to a dull roar while I was on the phone. She sang, she demanded more juice, and she yelled at Gideon for standing too close to her popcorn, but for the most part she was compliant. At one point she brought me a braided fleece tug toy and told me that it was a snake. "My snake is very sick. Do you want to pet my snake?" she asked me. I'm pretty sure that her dad tried that line on me when we were dating.

I ended up leaving the conference call prematurely, however, because the kid had relieved herself in her potty and it was important that I get to it before the dogs did. "I pooped and peed in the potty just like Meemaw!" she told me. I think it's nice that, of all the things my mom does that could inspire my child, it is her ability to urinate and defecate that rose to the top.

I called my mom right away and let her know. Now, the thing about my mom is that she has convinced my dad that she does not produce any output at all. She hasn't pooped or peed (and most definitely has not farted) since they started dating 30 years ago. "Shhhhhh. Your father will hear," she said.


Anonymous said…
UHHH ya, so your blog just made me spew sprite all over my computer here at work!!!! AHHHH the life and times of a toddler and her mother!

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