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On Thursday night, I picked up my daughter from school after a rehearsal for the upcoming musical. These days, if I'm not working, I'm either dropping her off at a rehearsal or picking her up. "It's been a pleasure to serve you," I always say as she hops out of the car. I can't tell if her eyes are rolling back in her head as she turns away, but I imagine they are. As I waited for her to come out of the building on Thursday, I sat in the "no parking, no waiting" pick-up zone with all of the other law-abiding parents. I listened to a podcast about the DC Sniper and scrolled through the news app on my phone. I saw the theater kids and musicians start to trickle out of the building. We've had quite a bit of snow lately and I watched as a few of them slid down the sloped sidewalk as they headed toward the parking lot, some of them clutching each other's sleeves as they fought to stay upright. All it took was one gleeful kid grabbing a handfu