Oklahoma's OK (or at least pretty damned decent)

The kid and I made it to Oklahoma on Saturday. Our flights were on time and we had no complaints (well, A had a few, but that's par for the course). God love the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport - we had a three-hour layover and they have a children's play area. We killed an hour there, until one member of our party loudly announced that she had to poop. I took her to a handicapped stall and stood facing the corner while my daughter yelled, "Don't look at my poop!"

My dad met our flight in Oklahoma City. My parents are in the process of moving to OK permanently, and my dad is still in DC, working. So, he arrived about an hour before we did, and we got a rental car and headed to the middle of nowhere. My mother lives in the middle of nowhere, and my sister lives somewhere west of nowhere. Seriously, she lives on a road that has no name. The British lady inside my GPS was completely baffled when I tried to drive over there for a visit.

As I was out and about yesterday, I turned on the radio in the rental car and hit the "seek" button. I watched it spin all the way around the dial and land on a hip-hop station. I can't figure out who is listening to it. The eight thousand cows I have seen are largely black but, um, that's about it. I don't mind a little hip-hop, but I'd reached my saturation point within an hour or so. Now I see why the rental car company was hawking satellite radio.

Other than the lack of a decent radio station, our trip is going pretty well. The kid is over the moon about spending quality time with my parents. My mom bought her toys and my dad is more than willing to watch Noggin with her. "Wonderpets" does creep him out a little, but I can hardly blame him on that one.

Anywho . . . it's a nice, quiet vacation. Not much going on out here. Seriously, though, if you need to dump a body at all, I'm pretty sure this is the place to do it.


Susie said…
Hilarious! And great that even in the middle of no where, the tower on the nursing home really DOES provide enough strength to get the beloved internet access! hee hee And yes, the middle of nowhere is correct. The last person I knew from your sister's town said this -"I got me a good woman . . ."--we were pretty sure it was one of the cows you mentioned, or maybe a sheep! Hey, I live here, I can make fun! I'm glad the trip is going well. Still hope to see you Friday--TTYL
Dawn said…
Tooooo funny! Seriously, you really know how to keep people reading!!!! Have fun on the rest of your trip! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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