What He Got

Since I was kind enough to list some of my husband's quirks in a recent post, I thought it only fair that I should divulge what sort of deal he got when he married me
  1. I will not fill ice cube trays no matter what. If you ask me about it, I will swear on a stack of Bibles that I have never consumed a drink with an ice cube in it in my entire life. (That tinkling you hear is just your imagination.) P makes a big show about refilling them, sighing loudly, making editorial comments, and stomping around the kitchen. I have no idea why I can't/won't refill them, but I can't/won't.

  2. I will consume almost an entire can of Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi and then put the can in the refrigerator - with one sip in it. Said can will bounce around the fridge for several days until finally it gets knocked over and that one sip ends up on the asparagus.

  3. I cuss like a longshoreman. I have no idea what a longshoreman is/does, but if the saying is true, apparently they have very filthy mouths.

  4. I get up very early in the morning and, more irritating than that, usually wake up in a good mood.

  5. I am very prissy and will not leave the house until I am completely in order.

  6. I cannot throw a frisbee. I somehow coil my entire arm around the frisbee and then send it in an arc . . . straight over the fence and into the neighbor's yard.

  7. I am terrible at saving money. P says that I do to our money what woodchippers do to trees.

I would love to say that he is being compensated with a lot of sex or something in exchange for tolerating me and my control freak, bossy, anal-retentive ways but, well, um, er . . .


Mary said…
I dunno... the ice cube tray thing would pretty much do me in.;) Mostly because I hate those things too and I expect the other half to always fill them!! Without grumbling....

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