The lady said to turn left

I took the afternoon off to spend with the kid yesterday. I decided to take her to a restaurant that's owned by one of my new web clients. He had some documents for me so I thought I'd take the kid and have lunch there. The restaurant is about thirty minutes from my house and I didn't know exactly how to get there, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use my new GPS. (What, you thought I would use that rummage sale cash to better the world or something?)

The GPS works beautifully. But there is one downside that I did not predict, and I discovered it on our trip yesterday.

Voice from the GPS: "Turn left"

Voice from the backseat: "Mama, she said to turn left. Turn left. The lady said to turn left. Did you turn left? She said to turn left."

This went on for every command that the GPS lady gave me. We are driving to DC on vacation next week, so you can imagine how I am looking forward to hearing the directions twice . . . for 16 hours.

Anywho . . . after lunch we went to one of those indoor joints where kids get to jump around on huge inflatables. A calls it "the jumpity jump place." We also shared a blue slushie, which is as good as it gets for a three-year-old. All in all, it was a good day.


Mary said…
Rick loved his GPS while it lasted, it drove me nuts! Turn left, veer right, stop here... oh who knows what else but he is going deaf and had the volume as loud as could be! So you can tell I wasn't really dissappointed when they didn't have a replacement, I nicely just spent the money elsewhere.... Actually he figures when he gets a new vehicle (which could be quite a while!) he will just get it then. I just hope you have a good safe trip with the kid!;)
Dave Fink said…
Wait until you make a wrong turn. It will have A saying "Recalculating" for a week.
Dave Fink said…
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