This Means You!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, our current foster dog adores the kid. The term "glutton for punishment" comes to mind. Chloe wants to sleep on A's bed . . . even while A is in it. She wants to kiss her on the lips and would prefer to be physically touching her at all times. She wants to hang out in her room and chew her toys. She thinks A is her BFF.

Alas, Chloe's love is mostly unrequited. The kid has no tolerance for a dog laying on her feet while she tries to watch "Peter Pan" for the 15th night in a row. Some days she says that "Chloe is so cuuuuute" and other days the poor dog can't do anything right.

On Sunday night I was on the phone and the kid kept asking me for "a piece of sticky tape." (As opposed to the unsticky kind, I guess.) I took the path of least resistance and gave her several strips. Finally I hung up and went to see what she was up to.

She had hung this sign on her bedroom door:

"What does it say?" I asked her.

She pointed to it and tapped the paper meaningfully. "It says, 'stay out of my room, Chloe!'"

Chloe, who is stone deaf, has no idea that she is constantly being admonished by the kid. And I can state with reasonable certainty that she can't read, so I suspect that the sign is unlikely to make a big impact. I am pretty sure that Chloe will continue worshipping the little tyrant. And hanging out in her bedroom, sign be damned.

Yes, she is dancing on the deck in her nightgown and a pair of glitter shoes. Isn't that how you spend your summer evenings?


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