Just for the record, she's not having a party

By the time the kid was two years old or so, I started envisioning some future incarnation of her as the girl in high school/college who always knows where the party is. Everyone will call her to find out what's going down, I predicted. But now I realize that the reason why she will always know the party scoop is because . . . she will be the one having them.

For several weeks now, the kid has been telling everyone that she is having a party. A couple weeks ago we were at the farmers' market (or "markets farmer," as she calls it) and someone handed us a work-at-home flyer. It was pretty colorful (and no doubt a lucrative opportunity, too!). A took the flyer and said, "Oh good, I can use this for my party." She told my friend Jen, "You can come to my party!" Jen looked at me with a quizzical expression. "What party?" she mouthed over A's head. "I have no idea," I said and shrugged my shoulders.

At church on Sunday she interrupted the children's storytime to talk about her party. One of the members was reading a book about houses to all of the children. In the story, everyone in the neighborhood had the same house, except for one man who painted his house all sorts of offbeat colors. At first the neighbors resisted but then eventually they all redecorated. The kid, shrinking violet that she is, walked up to the raised book, pointed at one of the houses illustrated therein, and announced that she would have her party in a house like that.

After the service everyone was ribbing me and asking me what time they should come over. "Ha ha! We're not having a party!" I repeated a few times.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I half wonder if she really is planning a party. I'm not even sure that I'd be entirely surprised if cars starting pulling up out front on some random day.

On a completely unrelated note, she seems to be doing well at her new school. But today when I picked her up the class seemed unusually rowdy. All the kids were running around and yelling. A didn't see me, but as I walked up on her she stood up, pointed at one boy and yelled, "YOU'RE A BIG BAG OF NOTHING!" Oooh, burn! I'm guessing he won't be coming to the party.


Drasch23 said…
I received my invite ;)

And I am going to start using "YOU'RE A BIG BAG OF NOTHING"
Anonymous said…
You are in for a very wild ride with A my friend! LOLOL :) I about spit out my coffee when I read the "You're a Big Bag of Nothing"! Toooo funny!!!

Dawn (BBC Adoption Board)
Anonymous said…
Can I come to her party?
Anonymous said…
If she does have a party, make sure she sends Ellie an invitation. We'll drive up from Madison :) It's sounds like A and Ellie could be great friends!

Kirsten (nomadicmommy)

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