Come, Rummage

For the past few weeks I have been busy pricing stuff for the rummage sale I'm having on Saturday. The basement is full and the kid has too much stuff. Last night I was pricing heaps of clothing and felt compelled to go upstairs and check to be sure that yes, my child really does have just one body. I think we can blame her shopaholic Meemaw for some of the piles. It's bittersweet, though, selling baby clothing. And feels awfully . . . final. We have talked about the possibility of adopting again someday, but if we do, the child would not be an infant. I am, of course, saving a lot of stuff. Anything made by my mom and anything that makes me a little verklempt when I pick it up - it stays.

I've suggested to P that he take the kid somewhere on Saturday because I'm pretty sure she is going to have a meltdown when she sees her gear in the driveway.

If you know anyone in my neck of the woods who has a baby girl or who is thinking of producing one, send them my way on Saturday! Email me if you need the address.

In other news, A started at a new daycare this week. We moved her to a Kindercare. She has been in an in-home daycare since she was a baby, but we thought it was time for a change. We loved her former daycare provider, but we were having trouble finding coverage for days when the daycare was closed for vacations and special events and such. Plus, she is pregnant and it was going to be tough to find coverage for a solid month in the fall. And the final kicker - the old daycare was 20 minutes away and with gas prices being what they are, we decided that closer = better.

One benefit to having an uber-outgoing kid is that she is not afraid of new social situations. She barreled right into her new class and started playing. I do like the fact that the new facility offers some academic programs, like math and phonics. I don't want her sitting behind a desk all day, of course, but I'm glad that she will be doing some book learnin' along the way.

When I picked her up after work yesterday her new teacher reported that she had had a good day. She was making friends and learning the rules. A pointed to one little boy and said, "That's my friend Riley." Miss Angela looked at me and said, "Yeah, that's not his name. His name is Jackson." There are two Jacksons in the class so I guess A just figured she'd rename one of them. On the way home we had a little chat about how we have to call people by their actual name instead of assigning them one.


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