Thanks, Santa

Hooray for Tooth-Rotting, Sticky, Nutrition-Free Candy Canes!

We took the kid to see the man in red yesterday (per the parental contract). There was a family in line in front of us, and their daughter had clearly reached the "no way, no how" stage in relation to Santa. She shook her head vigorously and scowled at the camera lady. A had the same reaction during her second Christmas. At seven months she was happy to sit on Santa's lap, but the following year: not on your life. I had to give this young couple credit, because they were NOT giving up. The dad perched next to Santa on the velvet throne, clutching his frowning daughter in his lap, while the mom and camera lady worked on the kid. There was a lot of waving of candy canes and peek-a-boo-I-see-you and other futile endeavors. No go.

By the way, have you seen this book? I understand it contains photos of screaming kids on Santa's lap through the decades. I think I need it.

When it was A's turn, she hopped on Santa's lap and chatted with him amiably. This was a very soft-spoken Santa, which was a problem for me because I had built him up to be a bit more fire and brimstone. He wasn't playing into my hands the way I'd hoped, so I thought I should give him a gentle reminder about his role. "I almost had to call you the other day," I told him. "She was being a bit naughty."

He turned to my daughter and softly said, "Oh, you have to be good for mom and dad." He didn't add, "OR YOU'LL GET NO PRESENTS!" in a menacing tone as I would have liked.

As the visit finished, Santa handed her a candy cane while I took out a small loan to pay for "Package B." (Only the Trumps can afford the elusive Package C, I imagine.)

On the way home, I reminded the kid that she still has two weeks to go before Santa comes to town. "But he's already in town," she said. Well, I guess she had me there.


Susie said…
Yep--I too have noticed that this year the little stinkers can't be fooled with all of the "ya gotta be good", "Santa only brings toys to kids who listen and obey their mommies and daddies", etc. Let's face it--we're gonna give them the presents anyway, right? hee hee!

I love how she picked up on the fact that he is already "in town"--what a smarty you've got!
Sam said…
I think I need that book! It looks hilarious.

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