We bundled up and drove to a tree farm yesterday. It was very cold so our standards were accordingly low. Basically, we decided to select a tree based on its proximity to our parked car. P felled the tree while the kid made snow angels in every unmarred patch of white stuff she could find. The only problem was that she had a heck of a time trying to get back up again. She was like the snowsuited little brother from "A Christmas Story" who couldn't put his arms down and couldn't pull himself up once he was horizontal.

Before long we had a tree on the roof of the familymobile and were headed home. I am once again grateful to our ancient kissing gourami for (voluntarily) heading off to that great pond in the sky so that I could put a tree in the spot formerly occupied by our 35-gallon aquarium. We bought a smallish tree that fits in the corner and voila, no furniture re-arranging required.

We decorated the tree and allowed the kid to help. Half the ornaments are hung about 30 inches off the floor, often clanging together on the same branch. We wait until she's out of the room and then surreptitiously relocate them one by one. The good news is that she's not what you'd call observant.

This morning I tried to take A's photo in front of the tree, but apparently she has gone all blurry. On Tuesday, we are taking her to see Santa so that she can discuss her good/naughty list status with him. She said that she plans to ask him for "the pink thing with wheels on it that I like so I can turn them." Good luck with that one, Santa.


Samantha said…
She looks so precious!

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