I do, in fact, rock

I went to Weight Watchers this morning and for the first time in two years or so, I didn't have to pay the meeting fee. As a Lifetime member, I don't have to pay if I'm within two pounds of my goal weight. I wasn't at my goal weight, but I was within spitting distance of it. Of course, I immediately went out to breakfast and ate a double-chocolate muffin, so it's hard to say what next week will bring. I like to live dangerously, eating those carbs and all.

After breakfast, I did something crazy: I went to the mall. And I took my kid, which makes everything 79% harder. She wanted to pick out a gift for Father, so I told her we'd do it today. We got to the mall early enough that it wasn't horribly crowded, but parking was still an issue. You see, it snows every ten minutes here, and you can't see the lines in the parking lot. So everyone uses the "this seems close enough" method of finding a space.

We found a gift and then drove across the street to Barnes & Noble so that I could pick up a Hanukkah book. I'm teaching the Pre-K class at church tomorrow and since Hanukkah starts tomorrow night, I thought this would an appropriate lesson. The line to the cash registers wrapped around the building eight times, I think.

All the way home, I reminded A that Father's gift is a secret. Secrets are not, in fact, her specialty. We have an oft-told story in my family, which took place when my wee baby sister was around the same age my daughter is now. Our dad took me and my two sisters shopping to buy Christmas (or maybe it was birthday) gifts for our mom. We got her a bunch of Estee Lauder stuff, including bath products. All the way home, he cautioned my youngest sister not to spill the beans about the gifts. When we pulled up in the driveway, she hopped out of the car, ran up the front walk, and yelled, "MOMMY! WE GOT YOU POWDER!" before she even hit the front door.

Remembering the lesson learned from this (small children cannot be trusted), I purposely didn't tell A what we got for her teacher until two days ago. When P picked the kid up from school yesterday, he handed the gift bag to her so that she could give it to Miss Angela. "Oh," said Miss Angela, "Is this my red candle?" Damn those kids and their honesty anyway!

So far, the kid is keeping mum on the gifts for the most part, but I'm pretty sure she'll sing like a canary before sundown.


Marginwalker said…
Congrats on the goal weigh in, my guru!!!!!! You're my living proof!

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