Party like a rock star on my birthday

So yeah, it's my birthday. For starters, I got to bring baked goods to work. They post a monthly list of birthdays so it's hard to avoid. "Hey, happy birthday! What did you bring?" I just love celebrating my birthday by giving stuff to other people.

We are also getting hammered with snow today, so I'm pretty psyched about that, too. As an added bonus, I get to drag the kid to the grocery store after work today. I mean to tell you, you haven't lived until you've pushed a heavy grocery cart through the snow and unloaded it into your mom-mobile. And don't forget that the grocery cart contains a cranky two-year-old who wants to eat the Scooby-Doo push-up pops NOW. Oh, and that same two-year-old insists that it is NOT your birthday and that all of the nice cards you've received are, in fact, for her.

My mom is arriving tomorrow. She comes out every year to celebrate my birthday. However, my kid flies into an apoplectic rage if I even dare to suggest that her Meemaw is coming to see anyone except her. "But she's my mom," I say meekly, only to be met with "NO, SHE'S NOT!" I've told my mom that when she gets off the plane, it's probably best not to make eye contact with me or even to glance in my direction at all. In fact, I'm starting to think that A should be the one to pick Mom up at the airport and carry her luggage around. And let me just add that you need an industrial crane and/or a spine of steel to lift that woman's suitcases. (She will try to tell you that I also travel with gargantuan, overstuffed suitcases but she lies!)

Her granddaughter does have some plans for her during the visit. Apparently my mom can look forward to: playing princess dress-up, playing Candyland, and watching "The Little Mermaid" and "Cinderella" over and over and over until her eyes fall out of her head in protest.

P and I are thinking of unloading the kid on my mom for a little while on Saturday night so that we can go out. We aren't really celebrating my birthday, because he has to work tonight (he took on a second job to combat the budget shortfall that hit us on or about May 3, 2005 - the same day the kid arrived! What a co-inky-dink, huh?) He did get me some cologne, a watch, and my favorite Gewurztraminer ($17.00 a bottle, which is a little pricey for non-celebratory consumption). He also got me a grasshopper pie from Baskin Robbins, but I am waiting until after Saturday morning to eat it, because I promised my friend Nancy that I would drag my (considerable) ass to Weight Watchers on Saturday morning.

And that's all she wrote!


radioactivegan said…
Happy birthday! It's so sweet to bring baked goods for your own birthday; I don't think I'd be so gracious about it.
Unknown said…
Hey, P did well this year, unless it was the Cucumber-Melon stuff again:-)
I guess you won't be going to Red Robin tonight, but maybe Saturday night? Or how about Los Bandidos, my personal favorite. As long as I can have a margarita or at least a good glass of wine, who cares. Found a new place that is really, really good if a little pricey. It's called Caffe' Mario. They only serve dinner on Thurs, Fri & Sat from 5 to 9. It is a very small Italian place - all homemade food.They also serve lunch Tues - Sat from 10 to 2:oo
Happy Birthday! :) I agree that the tradition of bringing in treats on your own b-day sucks. So I take my B-day off every year to avoid the obligatory baking for co-workers.
Audreee said…
Mom is not totally lying. Your suitcase does tend to be pretty large and overstuffed, but nothing tops her luggage. She stayed with me for nine days and wore a different pair of shoes everyday.
Alabaster Mom said…
Well, I never!

Where do I sign up to get a new family?

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