Make a Wish

The visit with my mom is going well. We haven't done anything too exciting - we've done a little bit of shopping and whatnot. We got a snowstorm on Sunday, so we did not even attempt to leave the house. Normally a snowstorm would not keep me and my mom from shopping, but there was at least an inch of pure ice underneath the snow.

On Friday, A and I were at the airport waiting for my mom's flight to arrive. To keep the kid occupied, I handed her pennies from my wallet so that she could toss them into a water fountain. I told her to be sure she made a wish first. So she would blow on each penny and then toss it into the water. Finally I asked, "What did you wish for?" Without missing a beat she looked at me and said, "Neminems!" When I told my mom about it, she said that's what she would have wished for, too.

Speaking of wishes, we finally celebrated my birthday on Saturday night. P got me a Grasshopper Pie from Baskin Robbins. Just between you and me, I don't particularly love this pie. I secretly think he got it for himself, seeing as how he didn't ask me what kind of cake I'd like this year. (He also orders movies from Netflix with titles like "Bloody Blood-Filled Blood III" that we "can watch together." I tell you, if a movie got a 1/2 star from critics, my husband is on it like white on rice.) But anyway, we did the candle thing and I did make a wish. I can't tell you what it is, but I'll let you know if it comes true! I used to wish for a baby and then I got one. And then my sweet, cherubic, little bowl of sunshine turned into a two-year-old. Be careful what you wish for! Yesterday, she told me (for the first time and probably not the last), "Don't tell me what to do!"

On Monday A wanted her Meemaw to see her in swim class, so we took my mom along to the Y. This was the last class of the session, so as a special treat they let us go down the big, twisty slide. I had never been down this slide. The kid and I climbed the stairs and then I hopped onto the top of the slide. A clambered onto my lap. The lifeguard below gave us the thumbs up so I let go of the railing and away we went. Well, I don't know what I did at the bottom of the slide, but I didn't do it right. My feet went up instead of down and next thing I knew, my kid and I were underwater (my first thought: my baby! My second thought: my contact lenses!). I scrambled to get up, feeling terrible about dunking her. Surprisingly, she didn't sputter at all and immediately said, "Let's do it again!"

I looked around at all the other moms, and noticed that their heads were all dry. Apparently I am the only moron who did not know the proper slide technique.

My mom leaves tomorrow, provided another storm doesn't hit. She thinks the snow is fun, but true fun does not involve a shovel. She brought along her beads and jewelry-making supplies, and has been spending the evenings making earrings and stuff. The dogs are eating the beads that hit the floor.

This afternoon we are thinking of taking A to her personal mecca . . . Chuck E. Cheese. We live far too close to that joint. If we ever decide to move to a new house, I will make the decision based solely on the new house's proximity to Chuck E Cheese. We pass it daily and she exclaims over it daily. Some days I feel like tearing down that cheerful-looking building with my bare hands.


Marginwalker said…
The 'neminems' comment reminds me of something Ray Romano said on an episode of "Dr. Katz." He was driving and his daughter was staring out the window smiling, so he askes her "What are you thinking about?" and she says "Candy." That's so sweet. It's funnier if you can imagine it in his voice. :)

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