Made by Meemaw

My daughter has her own designer, who is always making stuff for her. Jackie O had Oleg Cassini and my kid has . . . Meemaw.

The craziest thing happened yesterday. For several weeks my mom worked on a nightgown and a bedskirt for the kid. Finally, both projects were finished and ready to be shipped. She handed them off to my dad for shipping. My dad does a lot of shipping, as he sells a lot of junk on eBay. My mom calls him "Bob, down on the loading dock." (Bob is not his name) In theory, though, he knows what he is doing when it comes to mailing stuff.

But then . . . he lost the box. He had no recollection of what had happened to it. A couple of theories were developed over time: 1) he drove off with the box on the roof of the car or 2) he left the car door unlocked and someone stole it. My pop felt awful and my mom tried her best not to make him feel worse. After several days had passed, she trudged over to the fabric store to start both projects over. I told her that A was too young to realize she was missing out on anything, but my mom really wanted her to have the nightgown as well as the bedskirt that matches her curtains.

Fast forward to yesterday. Guess what showed up at my house? Here's the weird part - the box (which was one of those Priority Mail boxes from the post office) had no postage on it and no postmark. And yet somehow it had made it across at least six states.

Now, I do not recommend that you try this at home. Normally the post office takes this whole postage thing very seriously. In fact, my fellow rescue volunteers are always shorting the postage when they mail paperwork to me (I say it's some form of passive-aggression; they say it's an "oversight"), and my mail carrier puts a little envelope in my mailbox to collect the missing postage. She will not rest until she has seventeen cents firmly in hand.

I guess this will just remain one of the great mysteries of our time - just like what happened to JonBenet and did OJ really do it (well, the latter isn't really that big of a mystery, as I think we all know).


Drasch23 said…
Okay, that is creepy. Not the outfit, that's cute.

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