Hey, don't walk on by . . .

My foster girl, Mandy (AKA Mandolin or Mandarin) just cannot catch a break. She has been in rescue for months and no one has even come to meet her. I was telling some of the other volunteers that maybe one of them could disguise their voice and inquire about Mandy by phone. No doubt I would be elated, if only momentarily! (Speaking of prank calls, my husband works in the finance field and his job title used to be "Trading Desk Specialist," where he dealt in stock trades. However, if you called him and disguised your voice and told him that you had a very nice desk that you wanted to trade, he did not find it amusing AT ALL.)

I have received three inquiries on Mandolin. The first applicant set up a meeting and then canceled, saying that he was going to have an emergency the next day. Emergencies in my life always show up unscheduled and unbidden, but mine is not to wonder why. Then I was contacted by another applicant who seemed to have a genuine interest in Mandy. This family was supposed to come this weekend to meet her. They canceled because they got another dog in the meantime (a family member gave them a dog, not realizing they were in the process of adopting a Boxer through rescue). Finally, a third applicant inquired and then decided that this pretty, smart, energetic, playful girl was not what he was looking for.

I mean, I guess I understand. Everyone has a picture in their mind of the perfect dog. When my Lucy died I thought for sure I would adopt a reverse brindle male. I have always loved the larger, black-faced males. Instead, I fell in love with a smooshy-faced fawn Boxer boy with virtually no teeth and a gimpy leg (he was hit by a car before being dumped at a shelter). I just think people should keep an open mind when searching for a new companion. I wanted an athletic Agility dog and instead I got a sweet little goober who drools on himself when crated and harasses guests half to death. But, I could not ask for a better temperament. Giddy has lived here for over a year and I have yet to hear him growl. And he tolerates my two-year-old daughter, which should earn him a pass straight to doggie heaven when he passes away someday. He is, in short, a great dog.

Mandy is also very, very good with that kid o'mine. She's housebroken (which is more than I can say for the kid), doesn't chew on stuff that doesn't belong to her, and is just a very mannerly dog in general. Her main goal in life is to get someone to hold her paw. When my mom was here visiting, she spent quite a lot of time holding Mandy's paw (sometimes both paws) and my muddah isn't even a dog person!

The more time that passes, the more I worry that I am letting Mandy down by my failure to find her a "forever" home. But, I have faith. I know there is someone out there for Mandy. Surely someone would like a paw to hold.


Mary said…
That's so funny, not only does Mandy look a lot like Austin (another great GABR dog) but he wrote the song "I want to hold your hand!" He is so funny, he just doesn't stop handing it out to you so to speak! I think you should put what you wrote on the GABR website, surely someone will come along after reading it. Your post was like reading something I wrote, I also wanted a reverse brindle (think they are the coolest)but of course it would not matter because I think I fall in love with them all. That picture of Mandy alone makes me want to take her home. Love the pic of Giddy, he's such a handsome smooshy face fella. I think I need to kiss those lips....;)

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