Is it just me or . . .

I have one of those saved searches on eBay, so once daily I receive an email letting me know of new listings of size 3T girls' clothing. I don't buy a lot of stuff on eBay, but occasionally I'll pick up a Gymboree outfit (or something along those lines) for the kid. The daily email contains thumbnails of 12 or so new listings.

Now, please tell me who dresses their child like this?

I cropped out this poor child's head so that she can preserve whatever is left of her dignity, but rest assured that there was a truly heinous headband perched on top of her skull.

More painful still are the pageant outfits that seem to creep into these listings. I will freely admit that I don't understand the pageant world at all. But holy cow, some of these outfits are so skimpy that even the average streetwalker would find them "too revealing." The thought of putting an off-the-shoulder dress on my 2 1/2-year-old child . . . heavens to murgatroid!

I am not trying to keep my daughter from growing up (well, you could probably make a case for it) but geez, her favorite dress has a kittycat on it.


Mary said…
Hey, they must have found the clothes I put in Goodwill. They are precious aren't they??;)

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