Now that we're over the trauma of the kid knowing about the Easter Bunny, Santa, and the Tooth Fairy, we proceeded with Easter as usual.  We dyed eggs, attended an egg hunt at a nursing home in our neighborhood, and went to church. This morning, our daughter scoured the house for hidden eggs, just like always, and got too much candy . . . just like always. As sad as I am that some of her innocence has been lost, I have to confess that her new-found knowledge does make life a little easier. I was forever forgetting whether I bought her a particular item or if it had come from Santa. Now I don't have to worry about it.

I taught Sunday school at church this morning. Since we are UU's, we typically have a slightly different take on Easter. I talked with the children about Jesus and the resurrection but also about Spring and the promise of new life. To celebrate that, I gave the kids a little seed-planting project and sent them home with their own cup o'dirt. They may or may not have flowers in a couple months. After church, we picked up P and then went out for brunch. Since I have been tracking all of my food, I had planned out my choices in advance and entered them in the tracker. The calories in pancake syrup . . . ai-yi-yi.

My daughter wants me to make sure I mention the fact that she wore HIGH HEELS to church today (white shoes with a tiny heel).  Also, I'm expected to mention that fact that she got SLUSHY MAGIC in her Easter basket. The magic ice cubes are in the process of freezing as I type this. When they're frozen, she is expecting an apple juice slushy. There is a glaring typo on the box, but I'm sure this is a quality product. I mean, what could go wrong?


Unknown said…
We have a Slushy Magic *aka Lushy Magic when mommy uses it ;) * and they are pretty awesome! Quite the workout though!

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