Chicks' Weekend

I've just returned from a weekend away with some friends.  I learned a few things:
  • Some people are willing to put chocolate-covered licorice in their mouth. We stopped at a candy store and that's what one of my friends bought (and consumed). It took me about thirty years to adjust to the idea of chocolate on pretzels, so maybe in time I will see the light on this combination as well.
  • Wood-fired pizza kicks ass. For lunch yesterday we went to a tiny little restaurant that featured wood-fired pizza. One of my friends is vegan, and she was able to get an amazing pizza with Daiya (vegan) cheese. I had one with wild mushrooms. Good stuff.
  • The movie "Get Him to the Greek" should have been funny, but isn't. We watched this movie in our suite at the resort where we stayed, and only one of us made it until the end without falling asleep. 
  • Drinking out of one of these makes it really, really difficult to know how much vino you've consumed:
  • When your friend loses her sunglasses, there is a good chance she will be perfectly willing to wear your daughter's Barbie ones until hers turn up.
  • Visiting a distillery and partaking of the samples is perfectly acceptable, provided it's after 12:00 p.m. And it was, so we did.

  • It doesn't matter if you're not Irish, or if you don't know anyone who is Irish, or even if you can't point to Ireland on a map. All are welcome at the St. Patrick's Day parade. Next year, just remind that one friend not to wear ballet flats and no socks. 


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