Call if you think I'm cute

I just downloaded some photos from my camera. I am selling some schtuff on eBay and needed to take pictures. In any case, I quickly noticed that someone else had been using my camera.

First, she shifted the dial to video mode and took a video of her face. "Call now if you think I'm cute," she tells the camera. I'd upload that but she also uses her full name and you might be a serial killer.

Then, she shifted back to normal photo mode and took this photo of her face.

Then, she took a photo of her dog, Gretchen:

I think that's "Good Luck, Charlie" playing on the TV in the background. It's one of the few shows A watches that I find fairly watchable. Don't even get me started on "Austin and Ally" and some of the other shows that pass for entertainment on the Disney Channel.  

The kid and I spent a lot of time together this weekend because her dad was out of town at a guys' weekend.  I don't know what happens on this annual retreat he attends. It seems to involve alcohol and snowmobiles and bad decisions. Last year, two of the guys were wrestling and, while one had the other in a headlock, they both pitched forward and smashed face-first into a window ledge.  I'm going on a girls' weekend in two weeks and I'm pretty sure none of us are planning to come home with bruises. Amazingly, we are able to refrain from putting each other in a headlock.

Anyway, I gotta get back to selling shit on eBay. Call if you think I'm cute.


Midask9 said…
I will be sure and watch for A in dozen plus years on those infomercials that are on late at night ;)

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