Date Night and Whatnot

We had a fairly quiet weekend.  The kid and I dug out our Easter decorations on Friday evening. It's hard to get too enthusiastic about Easter coming early this year. The egg hunts should be interesting, in as much as finding eggs in the snow can be a challenge. Buying a spring-y Easter dress seems pointless, but I'm sure Miss Thang will insist.

On Saturday evening, P and I went to a fundraiser for a local no-kill sanctuary. It was a lot of fun. A was spending the night at a friend's house, so we didn't even have to hire a babysitter.  We dropped her off, went out to dinner, and then headed to the fundraiser (held at a local banquet hall). When we got there, I was browsing some silent auction items and noticed that a friend of mine had bid on an item. So, I outbid her. Just kidding!  I found her in the crowd a few minutes later.  She was there with a singles group that had sort of fizzled.

Let me just say that I am glad not to be single. I have a few friends who are single (either were never married or are recently divorced) and I've seen some of what they are dealing with.  One friend showed me some of the listings on (or maybe it was eharmony, but anyway, you get the picture). Apparently, some men in my age bracket think it's an excellent idea to post a photo of themselves next to the dead thing they've just killed. I think there are about five women on the planet who would look at that photo and think, "Well, now THAT is a turn-on."  There was also a photo of a dude that was clearly a wedding photo. As in, his own wedding. You could still see bits of the bride's dress that he hadn't fully cropped out. Seriously, that's the only photo you had of yourself? Ai-yi-yi. 

Anyway, I demanded that my friend hang out with us at the fundraiser, so she did. It was fun, even though none of us won anything in the raffles or auctions. I asked my husband if he has any single friends who would be a good match for my friend. He couldn't think of any. He does have one unmarried friend who was recently released from jail and has his nine-letter last name tattooed across his stomach. Most of my male friends are either gay and/or married so I'm no help either.

After my friend left, we decided to head home so we could watch an episode of Game of Thrones. Season 2 is now out on DVD so we're working our way through that. We capped off the night by turning our clocks ahead an hour.  So there you have it - our wild and crazy kid-free evening. 

On Sunday, the kid and I went to church and then the three of us went to an art festival. I bought raffle tickets and didn't win anything at that event either. I'm starting to think my luck has run out.  I did pick up a Mother's Day gift for, well, my mom. If my sisters are reading this  . . . yeah, that's right. I bought it two months in advance. Because I am the best daughter ever! The inheritance will be mine, all mine! Wait, I just remembered that the inheritance currently consists of a bunch of unruly cats and room full of fabric for sewing projects. Shit. 


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