The Plague

I promise this will be my last post about vomit. But, in case you wondered, DH and I did indeed catch the plague from our rugrat. He has a second job tending bar at a nearby restaurant. As he was headed off to work Sunday evening he kept asking me if it was hot in the house. It wasn't - a storm had just blown through and in fact it was almost chilly. At around 9 he was sent home because it seems they didn't want him around the food if he was going to be power-hurling in their bathroom.

I did the hot/cold/hot/cold thing all night on Sunday and by Monday morning I felt like death warmed over. So, we both decided to stay home. And being the fabulous parents we are, we sent the kid off to daycare anyway. The conversation went something like this:

"I don't feel like chasing her"

"Me neither."

"Well, who's gonna drive her there?"

The next hurdle was getting her dressed (my other half doesn't know the basic rules of fashion, like that pink and red don't match, for example), getting her fed (despite the fact that neither of us could handle the idea of touching/smelling food of any kind), combing her hair, and getting her out the door. I handed him an outfit and he put her in it. Her hair was another story. I had washed it the night before so it was extremely curly. I couldn't stand upright for more than a few seconds so I jabbed her in the head a few times with the comb, stuck a barrette in her hair and said, "Okay, there." He took one look at her and said, "Are you serious? That looks awful." So I jabbed at her a few more times. Sending my kid off to daycare looking like Medusa was the least of my problems.

I voted to throw a cereal bar at her and send her on her way but I don't know what he actually ended up feeding her. I was laying face down on the couch by then, using my right arm to swat the dogs away (WHY am I so interesting when I am sick?)

Because I do still have a nasty cough, I just wanted to let the world know that my experiment is complete and that yes, it is possibe for the human body to host two viruses at once. Good times, aye.


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