Almost Coherent Today

P and I had a date last night. I think that's maybe the third one since the kid was born two years ago. We went to see Fountains of Wayne in concert. I'm the FOW fan - I think he was just along for the ride. I feel compelled to mention that I was a fan BEFORE "Stacy's Mom." I noticed that I was one of the few at the show who knew all the words to ALL the songs. I don't know if that makes me a nerd or what. I think a lot of the Johnny-come-latelys were just there for "Stacy's Mom." FOW did a lot of stuff off their new CD but they also threw in two of my old favorites: "Survival Car" and "Radiation Vibe." (Don't it make you wanna get some sun, shine on, shine on, shine onnnnnnnnnnn . . . . )

The most notable thing about them when you see them in person is that they are all skinny. Concave, almost. Earlier in the evening I thought I saw Adam Schlesinger walking around but he had sunglasses on so I wasn't sure. Later I saw what he was wearing on stage and realized that it had been him after all. And here I missed a chance to have him sign my bosom!

But anyway, I did get about five hours of sleep last night which is enough to make me kinda coherent but not fully functional. I'm one of those people who need at least seven hours a night. So I'm sure my co-workers will enjoy my act today.

I did drink about a gallon of Bacardi Raz (I hate beer and Raz was the only other choice) so I'm not sure how that will affect my weigh-in tomorrow.

Tally for the night:

Babysitter: $35.00
Parking: $5.00
Entry: $16.00 (because we got there before 7 - the price doubled after that)
Kettle Corn: $2.00
Bacardi Raz: $9.00
Beer: $18.00

Grand total: $85.00 o'fun


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