On Motherly Love and Vomit

Last night I was finishing off an orange popsicle and watching "So You Think You Can Dance" when I heard Short Stuff whining and complaining about something.

"Your daughter is calling you," I said to my other half.

A few seconds later I heard him yelling and knew it wasn't good. As I jogged into her room the smell of vomit hit me like a speeding bus. Ugh. Believe it or not, this is only the second round of stomach flu we've encountered in the past two years. We weren't entirely surprised because we knew that one of the kids at daycare had been puking two days before.

When I was a kid, I always wondered how my mom could clean up my vomit. My mom said that when it's your own kid's vomit, somehow you can just do it. My nephew Liam once threw up in my hand but that's a whole other story. As a kid I was a tough case because I could never tell when I was going to hurl. Sometimes I still can't tell. It just comes on FAST. One time my poor mom had to scrape hamburger off the bathroom wall. This was because I threw up on the floor, slipped in it, fell, and threw up on the wall in mid-flight. (This was long before I became a vegetarian, in case you're wondering.)

So, back to last night. I stripped her bed while he put her in the tub. It's hard when they're so little (she just turned two) because they don't know why this is happening to them. I took the vomit-y stuff down to the washer and tried not to let anything fall out on the way. Fortunately, she hadn't eaten much dinner. As usual, she threw most of it to the dogs instead.

About a half hour later we had her cleaned up and back to her bed, with its nice clean mattress pad, sheet, and blanket. She was oddly compliant throughout the whole ordeal. Her usual M.O. is to battle me at every turn. I asked her if she wanted some music and she nodded and said weakly, "Dance party." The CD is actually called "House Party" but I'm not going to split hairs with the kid.

Two hours later we repeated the whole scenario.

Her daddy is home with her today because I used up all of my vacation time on our trip to Texas last week. This seems to be a 24-hour bug so I'm sure she'll feel better soon. Now we wait to see if we catch it. I already have a nasty chest cold and have been trying to expel my lungs for several days now. I'd like to think my body is not capable of hosting two viruses simultaneously but something tells me I may just be wrong about that . . .


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