Our Weekend: Boxers and Dirty Feet

We're back from our big weekend. Short Stuff and I had a lot of fun. We ate lunch at a zany, kid-oriented type place and much to my amazement, she actually ate. We then checked into our hotel room. The hotel was economical and, judging from the telephone in our room, was also conveniently located in 1981. I thought our room seemed clean but then later I started noticing that the soles of our feet were getting dirty. And then I found an old M&M in a corner. I'm sure I do not need to tell you that if the short one had found it first, she would be digesting it as I type this.

We got unpacked and it was time for her to nap. But she couldn't seem to handle that task while I was in the same room. So I pretended to sleep. No dice. "Poooooopy diiiiiiiaper," she announced. I changed her and we started the process over. Finally I grabbed a People magazine (because I'm all about the intellectual stuff) and sat on the toilet lid for about 20 minutes, turning the pages verrrrrry quietly. The ploy worked. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps . . .

After naptime we headed to a nearby mall to kill some time before dinner. We had our photos taken at one of those $3 photo booths. I tried to get her to ride one of those little kiddie rides at the mall but she wouldn't have anything to do with them. This may have something to do with the fact that I forced her to stay on one a couple weeks ago even after she started saying "wanna get off" (but can you blame me? It cost $.75!)

We met some of our friends for dinner at a local Red Robin (I need to make you aware that if you order the Whiskey River Barbecue burger and have them substitute a Boca burger for the dead animal flesh, it's a darned good sandwich) and then the two of us grabbed some ice cream and headed back to our room. Somebody wouldn't share so I had to wait until she was in the bathtub before I could partake.

This morning we packed up our gear and headed over to the doggie festival. The weather was beautiful and it was a successful day for the rescue. We got quite a few donations. A and I visited some of the other rescue booths. Many of them were offering kiddie games. She did things like spinning a big wheel and rolling some big fuzzy dice. She won all kinds of crap, like a plastic snake and a rubber duckie. The big downer of the day: some morons rolled by with a wagon full of 5 1/2 week-old Boxer puppies that they were trying to sell. So here we are trying to find permanent digs for some homeless adult Boxers while others are working hard at making sure that our job never ends.

The kid was pooped when we got home so I put her to bed early. She is in there now singing along to "Froggie Went a Courtin'" and as for me, I still have a perfectly good bottle of twist-off cap wine to finish.


Drasch23 said…
The b goes bah, the b goes ba, every letter makes a sound the b goes bah. This is what A and I did today. She is an awfully cute kid.

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