Terrible Twos

A (my kid) turned two last week. This "terrible twos" stuff is not a rumor after all, as it turns out. She now has 17.4 tantrums per day.

Yesterday I made the mistake of taking her to the grocery store. She makes up bizarre rules and I am supposed to follow along. She decided that I wasn't allowed to touch the (red) cart handle. How I was supposed to get the cart around the store, I have no idea. "MY RED!" she yelled at me and batted my hands away. :::SIGH:::

I am amazed at how quickly kids pick up on advertising aimed squarely at them. She can spot one of the Backyardigans characters at 100 paces. And Dora, don't even get me started on Dora. I think the Dora people are laughing all the way to the bank. A was able to say "Dora" at around 15 months. Our house is littered with Dora figurines . . . oftentimes Dora is without all of her appendages because Gideon (our Boxer) likes to chew them off. On a side note, have you noticed that some of these shows only seem to have about five episodes? Go, Diego, Go seems to have only one episode. Either that, or those tree frogs get saved in every single one.

But anyway, back to the shopping trip. She whined up and down every aisle. She pulled stuff out of the cart and opened/ripped/bit it. She threw a minor tantrum for each of the 17,000 things I told her she couldn't have ("fruuuuuuit snaaaaaaacks!") She grabbed a bottle of detangler. I didn't think she could get it open until I heard a helpful lady saying, "Hey, did you know she has that open?"

For my benefit she was being a hellion but to everyone else . . . pure delight. She's going through this new phase where she calls everyone "buddy." When I take her for a walk through our neighborhood you'd think we were on a parade route. "Hi Buddy!" she yells to everyone she passes. A couple weeks ago we were several blocks from our house and saw a man mowing his grass. He was unshaven and had a cigarette dangling from his lip. He was wearing a ripped black t-shirt and looked like he hadn't slept in a week. "Hi Buddy!" my daughter shouted cheerfully, waving frantically.

Yesterday when I picked the kid up from daycare, I noticed she wasn't wearing the outfit I had put on her when she woke up that morning. I ask her daycare provider, Jessica, what happened. She gives me a look that tells me that whatever happened, it was disturbing. It appears my sweet little buttercup shoved both hands down the back of her pants and pulled up two fistsful of her own poo. Precious!

"Hi Buddy!"


Drasch23 said…
Hi buddy! It's about time.

I wanted to let you know I used to do the exact same thing with my poo. So maybe Adrienne will be just like me!


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