Pet Peeves and Whatnot

Some random thoughts that have been stuck in my head:
  1. When you’re paying for something, do not throw the money on the counter. This is just rude – no two ways about it. It’s even worse with coins. There is no reason on earth why a cashier should have to scrape your nickels off the counter. Can you tell I used to work retail in college???? Let’s give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you’re worried about germs and therefore don’t want to touch a stranger’s bare hands. Do you have any idea how filthy your cash is?
  2. Also, no talking on your cell phone while you’re checking out. Unless you are a doctor discussing a medical emergency, hang ‘er up.
  3. You know your lane is ending – do not wait until the last possible nanosecond to switch lanes (sorry, Pop, I’m talking to you).
  4. Do not drive slowly in the left lane. I’m speaking to all the Midwesterners out there who do this. Where I come from, people have been shot for pulling that kind of shit.
  5. Do not wait until you are at the drive-up bank window to start figuring out your transaction. You should’ve had your act together long before that.
  6. Little girls should not be wearing anything with writing on the ass. Little girls should be dressed like what they are – little girls.
  7. Don’t call me and say “who is this?” You called me. Try telling me who you are first.
  8. People who constantly send out pictures of their kids . . . oh wait, that’s me. Never mind!
  9. People who write that they need to loose weight. It’s lose, lose, lose! Also, the word separate is spelled like so: separate.


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