It Bites

My kid bit me yesterday. While I was preparing HER dinner, she came up to me and acted as though she was going to hug my leg. Next thing I knew, a searing pain shot up my spine. This was a “one strike” offense in my book – off to the time-out chair she went. She sat there and cried and looked pathetic for two minutes. It surprises me that it doesn’t occur to her to get out of the chair (which would lead to hand-to-hand combat of sorts with me). She actually stays in it. Poor, wounded little thing.

I was wearing shorts so throughout the evening I would periodically pull up the leg of my shorts and say, “See, look where you bit Mama. It’s an owie.” She would then affect an expression look of . . . irritation? consternation? and then pull my pant leg back down.

Another interesting development this week – A has figured out that I have other names and that I’ll respond to them. Instead of just calling me “Mama” like she always has, she’s been experimenting with Mom, Mommy, and so forth. Then out of the blue she started calling me Claudia. Sure, I waited a lifetime for someone to call me Mommy and now she’s going to call me by my first name instead. Sa-weet!

And finally, I learned this week that my daughter is turning into a nerd like her father. Sure, they are not biologically related, but you’d never know it. People who don’t know she’s adopted tell me all the time that the two of them look alike. And they kinda do. But anyway, he’s a nerd from way back. He would kill me for posting this but seriously, he reads D&D books in his spare time. Loves comic books, too. (Traits that she shares with me so far: she loves dogs and is incredibly clumsy.)

Yesterday after I picked her up from daycare, A started rooting around in the DVD cabinet. She started waving a Spiderman DVD over her head, demanding to watch it. “Watch Spiderman!” At about the same time I realized she had pooped in her diaper so I told her (a little sadly and reluctantly) that she could watch Spiderman after I changed her diaper. As I was putting her pants back on she looked up at me and said, “Watch Star Track?” (this is how she pronounces it). I felt a tiny tear forming in the corner of my eye . . .


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