Happy Mudder's Day

That was the greeting I got this morning from the wee one. This is technically my third Mother's Day (well the third one for which I was celebrating BEING a mother and not just HAVING a mother). The first one was surreal. A was about a week old and her birthmother had not yet terminated her parental rights. There was a two week period between A's birth and the court hearing. It was stressful in a way that I can't adequately describe even though two years have passed.

Anyway, I had waited so long to be a mother and my other half commemorated the occasion by buying me . . . a CD.

Last year he "got the message" and got me a necklace instead. He's smarter than he looks.

This year Mother's Day started off with an awkward moment. P got me a necklace and it was very pretty but there was just one small problem with it. It was a cross. As in Jesus. And that would be fine except that I have veered off that path a little bit. I am a Unitarian Universalist (I'll post about that journey some other time). This does not mean that I do not believe in God nor that Jesus is not an important figure in my life. It's more complicated than that. But, it does mean that I'm not following the prescribed path that a dedicated Christian is expected to follow. Therefore, wearing a cross wouldn't have the symbolic meaning that it is supposed to have, at least not for me. I do have a couple of very pretty crosses and haven't decided whether or not to wear them.

I felt like a jerk for feeling so iffy about a gift that P had chosen for me. But, I think he understood after all because while A and I were at the fellowship today, he exchanged the necklace for another. This one has three amethysts on a silver bar and it's very pretty. And it suits me much better.

The three of us went out to lunch, a buffet. Eating out with the kid is . . . well, it's trying. But we're morons because we keep going out - at least once a week. Sometimes she's fine and then other times it feels like we're eating with some wolf-child that has never been out in public before. As barbarians go, though, she's pretty cute.

Sleeping after a long day of dictatorial rule.


Unknown said…
Happy Mothers Day to you darling....

That photo of your babe is so, so sweet.

I also enjoyed the photo of the boxers on your blog!


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