The cleanest clean room ever

I just had to take a few photos before Her Highness returns and trashes the joint. I found another vitamin earlier (this one was hidden behind her bed), so that brings the grand total to six. I also found her Hello Kitty sleep mask, which has been missing for at least a year. Since she's going to be a fourth grader this year (her school goes up to fifth grade so I think that makes her an upperclassman now?), I thought I would remove some of the Disney Princess paraphenalia and whatnot from her room.  She's too mature for such things, you know. I also removed this red castle mirror that I got at IKEA when she was a toddler. She ruined it long ago with a sharpie so it's not like I can even give it to someone.  Anyway, part of me is tempted to save it just in case she does 'merry' Jack someday.  If you see this, do not ask her about Jack because she will kill me if she finds out. She's known Jack since 4K, I think.  She's had an on-again, off-again crush on him. When they were in first grade, he wadded up a small hunk of brownie, rolled it into a ball, and stuck it in his nose. A brownie booger, apparently. My daughter and her friends were suitably horrified and that's when she decided she didn't like him anymore. I'm guessing that's when she called off the engagement and crossed out her wedding plans.  Now, though, she seems to dig him again. Who knows.

She made these fish at school. I was secretly hoping she'd give them to me, as I think they are uber cool.


The Lovely One said…
I hope you're still blogging 20 years from now so we can see if she marries (or merries!) Jack!

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