Hoarder? Or just creative?

Last Saturday, I took my daughter to a sewing class at Jo-Ann Fabric. The objective of the class was to create a pocket owl - essentially a felt owl with button eyes and a kangaroo-like pouch sewn onto his lower half. What I didn't know was that this was a hand sewing class.  I signed her up so that she could keep learning how to use her sewing machine. At first I was disappointed (and so was she) but it soon became clear that the class would be helpful to her regardless since she would be learning sewing terminology, learning how to pin a pattern, etc.

While she was in the class, I wandered around the store, talked on the phone, and then signed the kid up for another class in August.  This one does require the use of a sewing machine. Two-toned pillowcase, here we come!  I am hoping she will start to use her sewing machine and start creating stuff on her own. She and I have been watching Project Runway together and who knows, maybe she'll be on there someday! And I betcha Tim Gunn will look exactly the same in 15 years, too.

On the way home from work the other day, she spotted an empty storefront with a "for lease" sign out front. A hobby shop near our house has closed.  "Mom, how much would it cost to rent that empty store?"

"I'm not sure, sweetie."  I thought she would let it go at that point.

"But how does someone rent it? How do you find out how much it costs?"

"Um, I guess you call the number and then ask them. I'm really not sure. Why?  Are you planning to open a store?"

She looked at me and gave me her best Oh, Mom, you poor, simple fool expression.  "Yes, I'm going to open a store to sell stuff I sew and also stuff that I upcycle."  (She knows the word 'upcycle??????.') 

"That sounds great, sweetie!"

I figured she'd stop thinking about it in a day or so. Part of me is kind of proud that she seems to have some sort of entrepreneurial spirit. I was feeling slightly less proud, however, when she installed this in her room:

One kid's box for creative ideas is one mom's idea of . . . a garbage receptacle in another form. I know the size isn't obvious from the photo but it's large enough for a body. I can't lie. When it comes to clutter, I do get a little Mommy Dearest.  I try my best to suppress it. So, I'm ignoring the cardboard box even though I'm dying a thousand tiny deaths every time I see it. You see, if I thought she would create some stuff, I'd probably try to encourage it. But my girl is a project starter, not a project finisher.  The owl from last Saturday's class?  Still has no eyes. And no stuffing.

Tell me this isn't the first sign of a hoarder. Lie to me if you have to.


Sarah said…
I do have those extra boxes she was eyeing up on Sunday.....happy to share!

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