One vacation, comin' right up!

Good news - I can resume yelling at my kid tomorrow, when she'll be reunited with me and her dad. We're joining her (plus my dad and his girlfriend) for a week at the beach.  I've been packing for a couple of days. My other half packed in about five minutes flat yesterday. He did have the audacity to ask me if I plan to do any laundry while we are on vacation. I think he was planning to go with is tried and true "bring three pairs of underwear regardless of how many days we will actually be gone" method of packing.  I shot him a look to indicate that laundry isn't really on my agenda next week. Having my toes in the sand, however, is.

As for the kid, as far as I can tell she hasn't been too stressed out.  She's been going out to dinner, visiting water parks, hanging out at amusement parks, and so forth.  My dad sent me a text that said something like "she keeps us busy."  I think that is code for "we didn't think this through too carefully when we invited her to come and visit us."

You've gotta love technology because thanks to video chats (via Google Hangouts) and texting, I've been able to keep up with what the kid is up to this week.  Plus, she doesn't get as homesick when she can chat with me and also see me at the same time.

Anyway, it looks like she's been having a great time!


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