How did you find me?

My friend Sharon pointed out that it's been a while since I posted a list of keywords that people have used to find my blog on the interwebs. So, here you go, amigo.  I ran a report from July 1st to now.

Most people seem to find my blog by searching on variations of the words "alabaster" and "mom." That all seems legit. However, a few oddities turned up . . .

exhibitionist mom (I think they've got the wrong mom. Even my husband doesn't know what I look like without my clothes on.)

lisa bonet (Three people found me using this term. I know how it happened, though - I did actually mention her when I blathered on about my crush on Khal Drogo. He still hasn't left her and sought me out, but hope springs eternal.)

18 plus girls on water slides (I'm not sure if this refers to girls who are 18 years old, girls who wear a size 18, or just a large quantity of girls on a waterslide. Regardless, you won't find them here.)

alobaster mom blog (Thank you, sucky speller, for seeking me out! I heart you!)

are swamps dirty poop (Probably)

alabaster body ass (Yeaaaaaaaaah, boyyyy!)

discipline piggy banks (You banks better do a better job of collecting money or it's curtains for you! Sorry, that's the best joke I could come up with when it comes to disciplining piggy banks. I feel like this is uncharted territory here.)

how do you make the rainbow loom pinnacle bracelet (I don't know but from what I can tell from watching my daughter at the loom . . . when you can't figure it out you should start crying and throw the loom at your mother.)

how to go from boring midwesterner to interesting  (Hey, I resemble that remark!)

mom daughter sore loser (The original sore loser lives in my house and it's not me.)

michael mouse (does anyone really know Mickey well enough to call him by the name on his birth certficate? Methinks not.)

Until next time . . . 


The Lovely One said…
Your search terms are so much more interesting than mine! Mine are mostly about a working mom keeps a clean house-- I promise you, my blog is not the place to solve that problem!

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