You say it's your birthday!

Well, if you have been saying that, you should stop. Cuz it's not your birthday. It's mine. Neener neener neener!

As a kid, I sometimes felt like I got short-changed on a few things in life. I had to deal with having three different auto-immune conditions. My parents (the original set) had a tumultuous marriage and subsequently, a yucky divorce. One bonus I always had, though, was my Valentine birthday. To this day, I still think it's awesome that my birthday is on Valentine's Day. Thanks for the spectacular timing, Mom!

So, how am I celebrating today?  Well, first I'm going to work all day.  Then (and please try to contain your jealousy here), I am going to the grocery store. P has to work tonight. Shed not a tear for me, though, because tomorrow the three of us are going to a resort for a couple of days of swimming and sleeping and shopping and tomfoolery. ("Can we go to the pool? Can we go to the play area? Now? How about now?")

When the kid and husband get up in an hour or so, I have some little Valentine's goodies for them. I swore I would not buy one more stuffed animal for my daughter, but it seems I lied.

In other news, this blog post is my 800th. Woot!  Thanks, as always for reading. 


Sarah said…
Happy Birthday! Now can we go to the pool?????
Sam said…
Happy 800th! I'm happy to say I've read every single one.

And Happy Birthday!

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