Boy Genius

I tried to take a video of my boy Gideon exhibiting his confusion related to doors that are partially open. For example, say I'm in my bedroom, folding laundry. And let's say that the door is partially open. Instead of pushing the door open, he will just stand there on the other side with half his face visible. I always feel like he is saying, "I sure wish we could be together but this hunk of hinged wood is in the way!" It has never occurred to him to push it open. He is around 9 years old so I'm thinking there won't be a bolt of lightning any time soon. Anyway, I tried to videotape that oft-repeated scene, but he wouldn't cooperate. So instead you get a video him him doing a whole lot of nothing.

He is not working on his PhD in his spare time, but I do love him so. My boy!


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