My daughter will be eight in just a few months.  Her birthday is on May 3rd and she always starts talking about the next birthday on May 4th each year, so it's not like there's any chance of her dad and me forgetting about it. I remember doing lots of things for myself at the age of eight. My kid still makes us help her get her tights on. She requires us to carry her from time to time. She still likes to sit on my lap at church. She's very petite, so she's not denting my femurs or anything when she does that. In some ways she seems rather grown up but in others, she's still vaguely helpless.

Yesterday I pulled the primary-colored plastic table and chairs out of her room and replaced them with a "big girl" desk. I had been checking Craigslist for a while and finally spotted the perfect desk. It's an IKEA set that includes shelves and a whiteboard.  She was really excited about it. I hope this leads to some sort of renewed motivation to get her homework done in a timely manner, but I am not holding my breath.

Although my daughter doesn't change by leaps and bounds physically, one sure sign of her progression is the change in her room. We went from Sesame Street to Barbies, seemingly overnight.

When she was a baby, her room looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

Do you see any spots where a prepubescent boy might try to hide in a few years?  I hope not.

Before she was born, I bought a CD player for her room. Together we listened to the Lion King soundtrack and various lullaby collections at bedtime. Now, she uses it to play Kidz Bop 23 over and over and over.  Gosh, I hope nothing terrible happens to that CD.  She sits at her vanity and combs her hair all by herself. She writes secret things on pieces of paper and then slips them into her the drawers of her vanity. She has sleepovers and giggles with her friends.

And then she asks me to pour her some fruit punch and zip her jacket. It's an interesting age, aye.


Audreee said…
I'm sad looking at the pictures of her baby room. They get big too fast.

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