Unrequited Love

My sister and my kid

While on vacation last week, we freeloaded at my middle sister's house. We were grateful to have a place to stay and A, of course, was thrilled to hang out with her cousins. My nine-year-old niece decked out her bedroom in princess decor (and used sidewalk chalk to create a very sweet "welcome to your castle!" message in the driveway when we arrived), and wanted her cousin to sleep in her new trundle bed. A peed in it on the last night we were there, but that's a whole other story.

A day or so before we left, my sister was sitting in a chair by her computer. A bounced into the room so my sister scooped her up into her lap and gave her a hug. "I love you!" she said to my smiling daughter.

A hopped off her lap, skipped across the room, and replied: "Yes, YOU DO!"

We got a good laugh out of that one. I told my sister that it's kind of a throwback to the days of adolescent dating, where you tell some guy that you love him and he says, "I know."


Beth said…
LOL at the exchange between A and your sister. We've heard the same response when we tell DS that we love him. Maybe it's the age!
Jess said…
Very cute...can't wait til Emmy starts talking!

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