Tag, I'm It

My friend Melinda tagged me and well, I find it easiest just to do whatever Melinda tells me to do. She has a May 05 kid as well, and I know her from Babycenter.

10 years ago:

We were in the process of buying our home and packing up to move. I am still so traumatized by the move that I would rather live with too-small closets and a yard the size of a postage stamp than to consider moving ever again. You can give your friends all the pizza and beer you want, but I am here to tell you that they don't care if your shit gets dinged up.

5 Things on my to do list today were: This is an easy one, because I am a chronic list-maker and can't stop doing it even when I try.

  1. Clean the bathtub.

  2. Clean the litter boxes (we have one cat and two litter boxes, but she uses them both so I don't dare get rid of one).

  3. Laundry.

  4. Work on some adoption packets for the rescue.

  5. Work on the website for the American Boxer Rescue Association.

Things I would do if I were suddenly a Billionaire:

  • Flaunt it in every way possible.

  • Donate obscene amounts to animal welfare causes everywhere.

  • Pay off all my bills.

  • Fill the college fund of my kid, as well as her cousins.

3 of my bad habits:

  1. Leaving one sip of Diet Pepsi in a can in the refrigerator.

  2. I never refill the ice cube trays if I can help it.

  3. People Magazine (I guess I would consider this to be more of a vice than a bad habit).

Jobs I've had:

  1. Project Manager at a web development company

  2. Office Manager at a software development company

  3. Executive Secretary at an international marketing firm

  4. Research & Budget Analyst for a defense contractor

  5. Bookkeeper for a women's clothing store

  6. Assistant Manager of a clothing store

  7. Accessories stocker at Kids Sure R Bratty

5 Things people don't know about me:
  1. I used to hide food so that my husband wouldn't know how much I had eaten. I kicked this habit when I started Weight Watchers, though.

  2. I have a self-destructive streak a mile wide.

  3. I have never had a pedicure. However, I'd rather be dead than to leave my toenails unpainted.

  4. I would love to learn to play ice hockey.
  5. I have a girl crush on Robin Meade from CNN.

Let's see . . . I'll tag Miss Leslie-Marginwalker, Red Earth Redhead, and Sassy Sadie's Mom.


Icecat62 said…
Depending on where you live, I could find a team for you to play ice hockey. I've been playing for 27 years and it's still as fun as the day I started. Don't worry about being good or being older, it's a fun time for everyone!
Audreee said…
I am concerned about you playing Hockey. You are not exactly known for being aggressive. I think that A would like for her mom to have a complete set of teeth.

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